Portal Features

Dashboard Anywhere was brought to you by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile). Dashboard Anywhere offers many benefits, which will be covered shortly. This platform provides comprehensive information about car dealerships and car owners.

Suppose you want to access this information. It’s easiest to get started by creating a Dashboard Anywhere account. To make your account on this platform, you must follow some instructions described below. Dashboard Anywhere is the web portal for employees. Automaker Chrysler used Dashboard Anywhere to make work easier and faster. All the necessary information about Chrysler is available on this platform. Chrysler employees must log in to the Dashboard from anywhere to access this information.

Features of the FCA and Dashboard Portal

  • This portal shares its marketing strategies to improve vehicle sales and generate more profits.
  • Dealers can contact the automaker’s senior management to discuss questions and concerns about cars and parts.
  • The company also shares public announcements through this portal and updates on new vehicle launch dates and important event dates.
  • Business partners can deposit money into their accounts on the web portal and directly book their orders online. Link bank accounts or credit/debit cards to add funds to your accounts.
  • Additionally, employees can access their personalized Dashboard to view their data online.
  • Employees gain in efficiency because all the information they need is immediately available. It makes all business-related information easily accessible.

  • In addition, employees can access their account information and update their documents, services, or report accidents.
  • Get a convenient maintenance schedule online.
  • Your vehicle information can be accessed with ease.
  • Simplified navigation.
  • You can select a preferred dealer in your area.
  • View, update, and record maintenance instantly.
  • Access roadside assistance such as tire changes, fuel delivery, and lock/tow assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • You can instantly find a certified accident repair center along with the accident details documentation.